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Advertise with us - On The Go Travel Stations


Cut through the clutter and reach your customers while they are out and about with the On The Go Travel Station kiosk, positioned in more than 25 subway stations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

The On The Go Travel Station is an innovative communications tool that provides MTA NYC Transit subway customers with information about their complete trip, from trip planning and service status to information about nearby restaurants and other destinations, resulting in an unprecedented amount of information accessible inside the subway system. The 47” interactive screen, which employs capacitive touch technology, is encased in a stainless steel kiosk located at subway station entrances, in station mezzanines and on platforms.

Our customers are your consumers, and with On The Go you can reach these shoppers or “transumers” while they are out of home on the way to a movie, school, shopping or work.  More people are commuting versus driving to work, especially here in the greater New York metropolitan area. Annual weekday subway ridership totals for the year 2013 grew to more than 5.4 billion. Additionally NYC had 54.3 million visitors in 2013, many of whom traveled NYC by subway. There’s a unique opportunity for your brand to connect with and engage your customers throughout their journey.

The Network
On The Go kiosks are located in some of the system’s busiest stations. Click here for a map of our kiosk locations.

The On The Go Travel Station network is comprised of 140 screens located in 28 subway stations with an average daily ridership of 1.4 million subway riders at these stations. 

The Screen
The On The Go network is being deployed through a unique public-private partnership with Outfront Media and Control Group NYC. Each firm has designed a custom user interface for customers to interact with and obtain travel and other information, while still providing adequate screen space and time for advertising.

CBS Kiosks
Outfront Media
CG Kiosks
Control Group
Contact Information
MTA NYC Transit is proud to partner with Outfront Media and Control Group NYC on this exciting digital project. 

For specific advertising rates contact:

Outfront Media
Kenneth S. Pober
General Manager
New York Transit Division 

Control Group
Scott Alessandro
President, New Tradition Media 

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