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Advertise on MetroCard®: Reach Millions of Daily Riders


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MTA New York City Transit, one of the largest transportation networks in the world, has re-launched its MetroCard Advertising Program, providing commercial advertisers with the unique opportunity to communicate with and motivate a massive commuter population.

With millions of customers using subways and buses daily, MetroCard – the fare media used to pay for travel on NYC’s mass transit conveyances (Subway, Bus, Railway) – serves as great advertising platform with extensive reach.   

Here are some MTA network stats to give you a glimpse of how positioning your message on MetroCard can penetrate the market through a system-wide or targeted distribution.

  • 8.5 million Subway and Bus daily riders

  • 469 subway stations across the 5 Boroughs

  • More than 2,000 MetroCard Vending Machines at over 700 station entrances

  • 4,000 MetroCard Retail Sales locations

  • Extended access to outer boroughs via MetroCard Mobile Sales Bus and Van Sales

  • Thousands of commuters on the Staten Island Railway

Benefits of the program…

  • Advertise on the front or the back of the MetroCard.

  • Provide your company with the power to place messaging directly into the hands of a motivated and massive commuter population, while creating an association with the nation’s, and one of the world’s largest 24/7 transportation organizations.

  • Reinforce your core brand by positioning image/logo advertising.

  • Collaborate with the MTA on co-branded messaging. Co-branded MetroCard messaging may be sold at a reduced rate.

  • Target up to 10 stations for distribution at station booths, vending machines and retail outlets to meet your needs.  Depending on the number of cards printed, we can target stations with the greatest ridership, by borough, etc…

  • Advertise on print runs from 50,000 – 2,000,000 cards.  The larger the run, the lower your per-card cost.

Get started with this opportunity today. Download the rates and production specs

Donielle Lee
Marketing & Advertising

NYC Transit reserves the right to accept or reject copy or images to be placed on MetroCards in its sole and absolute discretion.

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