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Workforce Utilization Reporting


Workforce Utilization Reporting - Revised Form Instructions

  • Under New York State Executive Law 15-A, certain contracts awarded by the MTA and MTA agencies to a contractor have Workforce Utilization Reporting (Report) requirements which measure the utilization of minorities and women by contractors and subcontractors on these contracts.
  • Contractors and subcontractors performing work on services and commodities contracts over $25,000 and on construction contracts over $100,000 are requested to now click on the link Prime/Subcontractor Workforce Utilization Excel Spreadsheet (Report Spreadsheet) on which to submit their Reports. The Report Spreadsheet replaces the form you have been using to provide this information.
  • To populate the Report Spreadsheet: For the first two cells: Occupation Classification and SOC Job Title: you must first click on the cell itself in order for the drop-down box of choices to appear;  Once it appears, click on the appropriate category.  Once you have done this for the first cell, repeat for the second cell.  The next two cell:: EEO Job Title and SOC Job Code: these two will populate automatically once the first two have been filled in. For the remaining cells, type in the correct number corresponding to the applicable category.
  • The Report Spreadsheet must be submitted quarterly for services and commodities contracts over $25,000; indicate the three month reporting period on the Workforce Utilization Report Form.
  • The Report Spreadsheet must be submitted monthly for construction contracts over $100,000; indicate the reporting month on the Report Spreadsheet.
  • Once the Report Spreadsheet has been completed, save it to your computer and email it to the following email address:
  • Enter the contract number you are reporting on and your company name in the subject line of the email to ensure that your Workforce Utilization Reporting requirement is met.


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