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Welcome to MTA's Train to the Game® Service!

Take the Train to MetLife Stadium for Giants and Jets NFL Action.

Block gridlock and tackle stress when you take MTA to your favorite sporting event! MTA, in partnership with NJ Transit, now offers new transit services that will let you take the train to NY Giants and NY Jets football games at MetLife Stadium.

Are you coming from...

Special NJ Transit service operates between Hoboken Terminal and Secaucus Junction and the Stadium for three or more hours before and after each NFL day game. And now that NJTransit has service to the stadium, you can get there from anywhere in the region — from NYC Transit, LIRR, and Metro-North territory — all the trains take you to the games!

Want to know more? Here's what you need to know to travel like an MVP to see your team, based on where you're coming from and what time the football game starts:

Gametime: From New York City:
All Times

How do I get to the Stadium?

  1. Best way: Take N subwayQ subwayR subway or D subwayF subway subway lines to 34 St-Herald Square Station

    • Transfer to a Hoboken-bound PATH train on the mezzanine level. PATH accepts Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard

    • Get off at the Hoboken PATH Station and walk upstairs to the NJ Transit Rail Station. Buy a ticket to Meadowlands Sports Complex Station and locate your train to the game.

  2. Take A subwayC subwayE subway or 1 subway2 subway3 subway subway lines to 34 St-Penn Station.

    • Go to any NJ Transit station clerk or Ticket Vending Machine, and buy a round trip ticket to Meadowlands Station.

    • Look on the departure boards for the next NJ Transit train that stops at Secaucus Junction Station. The screen will say "SEC" next to the line name.

    • Board that train and ride it to Secaucus Junction, and then use your ticket to transfer via the escalators to the Meadowlands Service.

How much does the Meadowlands Service ride cost?

  • Hoboken to Meadowlands Station is $5.75 per person for an off-peak round-trip ticket

  • Penn Station to Meadowlands Station is $7.75 per person for an off-peak round-trip ticket.

How often do trains run to the stadium?

  • There are three trains from Penn Station in the first 15 minutes of each hour to Secaucus Junction, and the ride is about 12 minutes. From Secaucus, the ride to the Stadium is about 10 minutes.

  • Hoboken train runs about every 10 minutes to the Stadium. PATH trains at 34 St-Herald Square run about every 10 minutes from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., then about every 20 minutes in the evening. The trip from Hoboken to the Stadium is about 25 minutes.


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