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MTA Real Estate Department

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Retail + Leasing

The MTA Real Estate Department leases retail spaces throughout the MTA's service area which is North America's largest transportation network, serving a population of 15.1 million people in the 5,000-square-mile area extending out from New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut. MTA's New York City Subway, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad systems carry over 8 million riders each weekday—approximately two-thirds of the nation's rail riders. Retail opportunities in the MTA system range from newsstands and cafés to bookstores and full-service restaurants. In addition, the Real Estate Department leases and licenses parking lots and industrial space throughout the MTA service area.

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Grand Central Terminal

MTA's Grand Central Terminal is a major New York City destination for transportation, shopping, dining, fresh food, public events, and entertainment with over 500,000 visitors every day. The terminal has more than 90 restaurants, retail stores, and food shops. Vanderbilt Hall, situated adjacent to the Main Concourse of Grand Central, is a spectacular setting for special public and private events including corporate functions, benefits, and exhibits.

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Sales and Development Opportunities

Occasionally property within the MTA network is available for sale. These properties are advertised in newspapers and are listed on the MTA Real Estate Department website.

Advertising and Telecommunications/Utilities

The MTA Real Estate Department works closely with the private sector to explore new ways and new locations for advertising. Examples of this advertising collaboration are "brand cars" that provide a unique opportunity to communicate with the consumer and illuminated urban panels at street entrances to subway stations that create additional revenue while adding to the lighting and passenger security at our entrances. The MTA also works with telecommunication and utility companies to provide services to our customers and communities throughout MTA's transportation service area and to develop additional sources of revenue to the agency.

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Property Acquisition

In recent years the construction of the Fulton Transit Center, Second Avenue subway, LIRR's East Side Access, the extension of commuter service, the needs of suburban commuters for more parking space at stations, the rapid growth of bus ridership in the City, and the installation of modern signal and communications systems have required the acquisition of property. To determine if the MTA would be interested in purchasing property near an MTA facility or right-of-way, please provide us the relevant property information. If we determine that the MTA or any of its operating agencies has an interest in your property, we will contact you.

Tenant Management

The MTA's Real Estate Department manages over 4,000 occupancies on its properties in New York from Montauk to Poughkeepsie and as far west as Port Jervis. We also handle license agreements along our right-of-way in Connecticut. Many tenancies are retail stores, and we strive to ensure that the retail outlets maintain a proper appearance and levels of service and courtesy that will benefit all our customers. Other tenants handle such things as utility pipes and wires along and across our right-of-way, or use MTA property for various commercial and domestic purposes.

Getting Permission to Use MTA Property

Our staff can help you determine what property is controlled by the MTA and, if necessary, help you obtain the necessary license or permit and requirements for insurance. You can start your research by getting a tax map from your municipality and locating the county/borough, block, and lot number of the property in which you are interested. Please send us this information, including the proposed use, how long you wish to use the property, and, if possible, a map.

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