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MTA Bid Results

The bid results on this site reflect vendor sealed bid submissions as opened, read and recorded by staff of the MTA’s Department of Procurement Services for procurements of  MTA Headquarters and MTA Bridges and Tunnels that are solicited through a sealed competitive bidding process.  The bid results show only the relevant amounts contained in the bids and do not include any assessment of the bids or the bidders, or which bidder, if any, has been or will be awarded the procurement. Any questions in regards to the below information should be sent via an email to BSCVPROCSOL@mtabsc.orgDo not use this email channel to submit a bid protest.

Bid No.: 247243
Due Date: January 7, 2019
Description: Versatile, Headgear
Globe Electric Supply Co. $119,740.50
Fremont Industrial $119,740.50
Epaul Dynamics $123,596.55
Supreme Safety $132,729.30
Carter Milchman & Frank $142,065.00
Malor & Company $192,802.50
Bid No.: 236602-1
Due Date: January 3, 2019
Description: 3 Year Contract PO Rag-On-Roll
Summit Paper Co. $665,675.52
Rapid Refill $549,515.52
Fremont Industrial $476,079.36
Erie Cotton Products Inc. $495,792.00
Allied Equipment Services $568,267.77
Westbrook Marketing LLC $682,377.60
Eppy�s Tool & Equipment Warehouse LLC $1,381,607.04
Focal Electric Company LLC $1,418,206.08
Pina M. $0