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Bidders Lists

Notice Regarding Bidders Lists


Due to the number of firms listed on some bidders lists, it is often not feasible to solicit all vendors on a list for every procurement. Therefore, being on a bidders list is no guarantee that a vendor will be solicited.

We recommend that you also refer to sources such as this web site and the New York State Contract Reporter for more complete information on our solicitations.

Contact the following individuals to add your firm to our bidders lists.

Agency Contact Telephone/Email

MTA Headquarters

Jessica Cintron

MTA New York City Transit

The Solicitation Management Unit

MTA Long Island Rail Road

Send written request to:
Long Island Rail Road Procurement and Logistics Department
89 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

MTA Metro-North Railroad

Bidder List Submissions

MTA Bridges & Tunnels

Victoria Warren

MTA Staten Island Railway

Joseph Piro

(718) 876-8278

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