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Special Units

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Canine Unit

The Canine Unit consists of Members and canines specially trained to perform canine patrol functions including but not limited to explosive detection, tracking, and article recovery.
Canine Unit seal

Detective Division

Detectives, Executive Protection, Cyber Crime Unit, JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force)
  • Detectives shall be responsible for overseeing all crime investigations, felony cases requiring extensive investigation, and conduct follow-up investigations.
Detective Division seal

Cyber Crimes Unit (CCU)

CCU consists of Members specially trained, who support investigations involving computers and technology and are first responders to information systems emergencies. The CCU is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and analysis of computers and digital evidence and to providing digital forensic responses at crime scenes. CCU provides investigative technical support and assistance to the Department.
Computer Crimes seal

Interagency Counterterrorism Task Force (ICTF)

ICTF consists of detectives from the MTAPD and other agencies who provide independent counterterrorism investigative, intelligence and emergency management capabilities to the Department.
Interagency Counterterrorisnm Task Force seal

Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)

Under JTTF, MTAPD detectives participate with our state, federal, and local partners combating and investigating potential acts of terrorism.

Emergency Services Unit (ESU)

ESU consists of Members specially trained to handle tactical and other situations, which exceed capabilities of the regular patrol force.
Emergency Services Unit seal

Highway Unit

The Highway Unit consists of Members specially trained to handle motor vehicle related traffic matters, escorts and investigations.
Highway Unit seal

Homeless Assistance Unit (HAU)

HAU Consists of Members assigned to assist with conditions related to the homeless population and quality of life issues throughout the MTA transportation network.
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