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Parking Safety

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When you park at a commuter rail station, it will usually be for several hours or more, and thieves know this. To avoid being the victim of a crime, follow these few simple rules:

Don't ever leave children unattended

Even if you're going in "just for a minute" to renew a monthly ticket or check a schedule, you are endangering the life, safety, and health of children who are left behind. Not only is it dangerous, it's illegal.

Don't leave valuables exposed

Don't create temptation. Put packages and other valuables in the trunk or other concealed area. If you have a removable radio, lock it in the trunk or take it with you. The first place a thief looks is under the front seats.

Lock your doors

This is true whether you're parking for six hours or two minutes. Unlocked doors invite thieves in. And remember to shut your windows, even in warm weather. The car will cool off quickly enough once you're in it.

Use your anti-theft devices

Passive alarms and ignition safety devices that arm themselves are best, and you should never disable these features. It's also a good idea to use a steering wheel lock, which can offer added protection for your vehicle's airbags, which have become popular with parts thieves.

Make towing difficult

Many cars that are stolen are simply towed away. To make this difficult, park with your front wheels turned sharply left or right and apply your emergency brake.

Park in well-lighted areas

The easier it is to see your car, the easier it is to spot suspicious activity around it. That makes breaking in or theft less likely.

Separate your keys

When parking in a garage, give the parking attendant your ignition key only. Don't keep your car keys with your home keys or a thief may have access to your home as well as your car.

Don't carry your car title

Your title or driver's license can make it easy for a thief to turn your car into quick cash. Don't carry these documents in your vehicle. If you must have your insurance information or registration in your car, keep them locked in your glove box. This can prevent a thief from learning your home address.

Check your car

Before entering your vehicle at night, glance into the back seat to be sure that no one is hiding there. If there is, do not confront the individual. Return to the station and notify the police. Let the professionals handle this.

Be alert

Many late model cars are difficult to break into, so be alert to the possibility of being followed to your car. If you feel that you are being followed, return to the station and notify railroad personnel and/or the police.

Call the police

If your car is stolen, notify the police immediately. The faster you act, the more likely it is that the police will be able to recover your vehicle.

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