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Rules and Regulations

Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority amended Rules of Conduct, 21 NYCRR 1040, effective April 29, 2020

  • Existing SIRTOA rules bar “nontransit uses” of a terminal or station.  Amended to provide that a “nontransit use” includes “remaining in the paid fare zone of a particular terminal or station for more than one hour.” [Section 1040.4(e)]

  • New provision that applies only during a Governor-declared disaster emergency relating to public health:  No passenger on a train may remain on the train or in the terminal or station after the train enters a terminal or station and passengers have been instructed to leave the train because it is being taken out of service. [Section 1040.4(d)]

  • Existing SIRTOA rules bar carrying on or bringing to any facility or train items that extend outside the windows or doors, or interfere with passenger traffic, or are dangerous. Amended to specifically bar “any wheeled cart greater than 30 inches in either length or width.”  Includes shopping or grocery store carts or baskets, but excludes any stroller which is, at the time it is on or in the facility or train, being utilized for children. [Section 1040.5(s)]   
  • Existing SIRTOA rules do not allow anyone to “block free movement” in SIRTOA trains, stairways, and platforms. Amended to provide that no one may “interfere with or impede the movement of passengers or SIRTOA employees” in those locations and also in elevators or escalators.


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