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Bx41 Webster Avenue SBS

The Corridor

The Bx41 Webster Avenue SBS Corridor extends 5.3 miles from The Hub (East 149th Street) to Williamsbridge (East Gun Hill Road). Webster Avenue presents a strong market for a rapid bus service with approximately 200,000 residents within a 10-minute walk of the corridor, 61 percent who currently commute by transit. Additionally 71 percent of households in this same area do not own a car.

Project Description

Bx41 SBS service began June 30, 2013. Bx41 SBS service operates daily between Williamsbridge (Gun Hill Intermodal Terminal at E Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road) and The Hub (E 149th St) in the Bronx, primarily along Webster Avenue. Service operates daily from 6:00 AM – 9:45 PM northbound and 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM southbound. Local Bx41 bus services continue to operate 24 hours a day. The Bx41 SBS provides customers the opportunity to connect to the 2 subway5 subway train stations at 3 Av-149 St and at Gun Hill Rd.

For Bx41 SBS, all customers must pay their fares before boarding the bus at the ticket vending machines at the bus stop. After receiving a proof-of-payment receipt from the fare machine, customers can board the bus at any door. Generally machines are next to the bus shelter. All stations have at least one machine that accepts MetroCards and one machine that accepts coins, with the exception of disembark stations only.

Physical Features

  • Four miles of dedicated offset bus lanes with bus bulb stations
  • Off board fare collection for faster boarding
  • Station and bus branding
  • Three-door, low floor buses
  • Transit signal priority (TSP) later in 2013
  • Pedestrian safety improvements, particularly at Tremont Avenue
  • New Roberto Clemente Transit Plaza at the Hub to be built in 2015

Service Plan Features

  • Bx41 SBS replaced Bx41 Limited with half-mile stop spacing and frequent all day service
  • Bx41 Local continues to operate 24 hours a day

Graphic of Proposed Conditions looking north at Webster Avenue/167th Street
Proposed Conditions looking north at Webster Avenue/167th Street

Map showing station locations
Map showing station locations

*Please be aware that during bus bulb construction there will be nearby temporary bus stops

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