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B44 Nostrand Avenue SBS

The Corridor

The Nostrand Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (SBS) Corridor extends from Williamsburg to Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. The corridor generally follows the route of the B44. On an average weekday, approximately 41,000 transit passengers travel in this corridor. The corridor offers links to several subway lines including the 2 subway3 subway5 subwayJ subwayM subwayZ subwayA subwayC subwayG subway .

Project Description

B44 SBS service began on Sunday, November 17, 2013. B44 SBS buses make stops approximately every 1/2 mile. Weekday service operates between 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM southbound and between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM northbound. Local B44 bus service continues to operate 24 hours a day. The northbound B44 SBS is rerouted from New York Avenue to Rogers Avenue and Bedford Avenue between Flatbush Avenue (the Junction) and Fulton Street. The northbound Local B44 continues to operate on New York Avenue. All SBS customers must pay their fare before they board at ticket vending machines at the bus stop. Generally the machines are next to the bus shelter. There is at least two machines that accept MetroCards and one machine that accepts coin payments. The MetroCard machines issue and accept transfers just as if one used a farebox on a conventional bus route.

Physical Features

  • New dedicated offset bus lanes on Nostrand Avenue and Rogers Avenue between Fulton Street and Farragut Road. Bus lanes will be extended to Flushing Avenue in 2014.
  • Faster northbound service on Rogers Avenue (instead of New York Avenue)
  • Faster, more modern fare collection system
  • Bus bulbs at 14 locations

Service Plan Features

  • SBS replaces B44 Limited
  • Increased hours of service on SBS
  • Faster travel times on Local and SBS service

Planned SBS Stations

Beginning April 21, B44 SBS will stop at Gates Avenue and Avenue L in both directions (see map below).

Northbound Stops

  • Knapp Street / Shore Parkway
  • Emmons Avenue / Nostrand Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue / Avenue X
  • Nostrand Avenue / Avenue U
  • Nostrand Avenue / Kings Highway
  • Nostrand Avenue / Avenue L
  • Nostrand Avenue/Flatbush Avenue
  • Rogers Avenue/Newkirk Ave (Avenue D)
  • Rogers Avenue / Church Avenue
  • Rogers Avenue / Clarkson Avenue
  • Rogers Avenue / Empire Boulevard
  • Rogers Avenue / St Johns Place
  • Bedford Avenue / Fulton Street
  • Bedford Avenue / Gates Avenue
  • Bedford Avenue / Lafayette Avenue
  • Bedford Avenue / Flushing Avenue
  • Bedford Avenue / Hewes Street
  • Bedford Avenue / Taylor Street
  • Williamsburg Bridge / Washington Plaza

Southbound Stops

  • Williamsburg Bridge / Washington Plaza
  • Lee Avenue / Taylor Street
  • Lee Avenue / Hewes Street
  • Lee Avenue / Flushing Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue / Lafayette Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue / Gates Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue / Fulton Street
  • Nostrand Avenue / St John's Place
  • Nostrand Avenue / Empire Boulevard
  • Nostrand Avenue/Clarkson Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue / Church Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue/Newkirk Ave (Avenue D)
  • Nostrand Avenue/Flatbush Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue / Avenue L
  • Nostrand Avenue / Kings Highway
  • Nostrand Avenue / Avenue U
  • Nostrand Avenue / Avenue X
  • Shore Parkway / Nostrand Avenue
  • Shore Parkway / Knapp Street

Nostrand Avenue Map
*Please be aware that during bus bulb construction there will be nearby temporary bus stops.


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