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M60 125th Street – LaGuardia Airport SBS

The Corridor

The M60 SBS Corridor extends from 106th/Broadway in Manhattan, across 125th Street and Astoria Boulevard to LaGuardia Airport. The M60 carries over 17,000 riders on an average weekday, a figure that has been consistently increasing. The M60 has the highest ridership of the four crosstown bus routes on 125th Street (9,600 customers a day) and the majority of the M60’s boardings and alightings occur on 125th Street, serving residents, shoppers and commuters. M60 connects to twelve subway lines including the 1 subway2 subway3 subway4 subway5 subway6 subwayA subwayB subwayC subwayD subwayN subwayQ subway and Metro-North Commuter Railroad.

Construction has begun at the bus stops along the corridor. Fare machinery will be installed at every SBS stop so that customers can pay before boarding. In addition new shelters are being installed at many stops.

Project Description

M60 SBS service will begin in Spring 2014. The overall goals of the project are to speed buses and increase reliability, improve safety for all corridor users, and support overall community needs. Upgrades on the M60 Select Bus Service include off board fare collection, dedicated bus lanes on 125th Street between Lenox Avenue and 2nd Avenue, limited stops, and transit signal priority. The bus lanes on 125th Street will improve speed and reliability on all 125th Street buses. Improvements to curb regulations on 125th Street will reduce the amount of double parking along the corridor by increasing parking turnover and providing space for commercial vehicle loading. SBS improvements will also benefit riders taking the M60 to the LaGuardia Airport. From end-to-end, the proposed service would be 10-15% faster than the current M60 route, and 15-20% faster from 125th/Lexington Avenue to LaGuardia Airport.

Physical Features


  • Dedicated offset bus lanes on 125th Street between Lenox Avenue and 2nd Avenue
  • Off board fare collection for faster boarding
  • Station and bus branding
  • Three-door, low floor buses
  • Transit signal priority
  • Pedestrian safety improvements

Service Plan Features

  • M60 SBS replaces M60 with limited stops between 106th/Broadway and LaGuardia Airport
  • At most stops, the SBS will have its own stop, with local buses stopping at an adjacent location
  • Bx15, M100, and M101 will continue to make all local stops along 125th Street
  • The M4 and M104 will continue to make local stops on Broadway, and the M11 on Amsterdam Avenue
  • In Queens the Q19 will continue to serve local stops on Astoria Boulevard

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M60 125th Street  LaGuardia Airport SBS

Map showing M60 SBS station locations

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