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Bx12 Fordham Road SBS

The Corridor

The Fordham Road / Pelham Parkway Select Bus Service (SBS) Study Corridor extends from the Inwood section of Manhattan to Co-op City in the Bronx. This corridor connects to subway routes 1 subway2 subway4 subway5 subway6 subwayA subwayB subwayD subway and all Metro North Commuter Railroad Divisions. Ridership has been strong with October 2008 corridor ridership increased 8% over 2007.

Project Description

Bx12 Fordham Road-Pelham Parkway SBS service operates daily between Broadway/207th Street in Manhattan and Coop City in the Bronx making stops approximately every 1/2 mile. Look for the specially-branded buses. Service operates between approximately 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM westbound and between 6:00 AM and midnight eastbound. Local Bx12 bus service operates 24 hours a day. All customers must pay their fare before they board at ticket vending machines at the bus stop. Generally the machines are next to the bus shelter. There are at least two machines that accept MetroCard, and one machine that accepts coin payments. The MetroCard machines issue and accept transfers just as if one used a farebox on a conventional bus route. Currently, the Bx12 SBS is subject to detours on eastbound Pelham Parkway due to street reconstruction and at Bay Plaza Shopping Center where there is construction of new stores. 89% of customers said that SBS service is better than the previous Limited stop service. Riders have seen faster service on SBS, up to 19% faster depending on direction and time of day.

Bus Lane Operations

Bx12 SBS features colored bus lanes with clear signs; Extended operating hours for existing curb bus lanes on Fordham Road -7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday on both sides of the street.

Major Travel Time Improvements


  • Signal optimization to improve traffic operations for all street users
  • Transit Signal Priority to move buses more quickly through critical locations
  • Customers pay at fare payment machines and obtain a proof-of-payment receipt before boarding buses

SBS Stations


  • 207th St/ Broadway
  • 207th St / 10th Avenue
  • Fordham Rd / Cedar Ave
  • Fordham Rd / Sedgwick Ave
  • Fordham Rd / University Ave
  • Fordham Rd / Jerome Ave
  • Fordham Rd / Grand Concourse
  • Fordham Rd / Fordham Plaza
  • Fordham Rd/Southern Blvd (Bronx Zoo)
  • Pelham Pkwy / White Plains Rd
  • Pelham Pkwy / Williamsbridge Rd
  • Pelham Pkwy / Eastchester Rd
  • Pelham Bay Park Station
  • Baychester Ave
  • Bay Plaza Terminal at JC Penney
  • Coop City Blvd
  • Bartow Ave
  • Edson Ave

Bx12 Pelham Bay Park SBS Route Map Graphic

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Additional Information


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