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Select Bus Service

New York City Transit SBS

Select Bus Service (SBS) is New York City Transit’s brand of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).The goal of BRT systems is to bring faster, more reliable and quality bus service to high ridership corridors. This system is being implemented in many cities across the nation and worldwide, combining amenities of rail-based rapid transit systems with the flexibility of buses. BRT’s application is planned and designed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of its local market. In New York City, SBS improves speed and reliability through dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare payment, station spacing and transit signal priority (TSP). SBS also improves passenger comfort and convenience through enhanced bus stops that include shelters with seating, lighting and real time bus information.

Bus Lanes

These dedicated lanes are implemented in areas with significant congestion along the bus corridor. This allows for the contigious movement of the SBS, reducing delays while imporving bus speeds. SBS Bus lanes come in two configurations; 

Curb Bus Lanes

Northbound SBS M15 at bus stop

Northbound SBS M15 at bus stop with bus bulb extended towards the street to align with the bus lane. The bus bulb allows the bus to stay within the bus lane when pulling into the stop allowing customers to evenly board from the sidewalk.

Offset Bus Lanes

Northbound SBS M15 at bus stop

SBS Q44 driving along offset bus lanes in downtown Flushing,Queens. Offset bus lanes allow for on-street parking and loading zones. 

Off-Board Fare Payment

SBS buses allow customers to board through all open doors once the bus pulls into the stop. This is achieved by the use of off-board fare payment machines. Before boarding the SBS, customers are required to pay the fare using either a metrocard or coins at the fare machines which then provides them with a ticket confirming their payment.

Northbound SBS M15 at bus stop

Array of Select Bus Service off-board fare payment machines. The leaner machine on the left only accept coins and the other two larger machines accept metrocards. Both the coin and metrocard machines are ADA accessible. 

Stations and Amenities

SBS stops are spaced every half a mile on average and this helps reduce the travel time. Included at SBS stations are shelters, seating, lighting, real time bus information and wayfinding totems installed in collaboration with New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). Stations fitted with bus bulbs can have level boarding making it easier particulary for ADA customers to get on and off the bus. 

B44- SBS station

SBS B44 bus station with double shelter, tree pits and bus bulb with adjacent bus lane. 

Traffic Signal Priority (TSP)

SBS buses are outfitted with a device that communicates with the traffic signals allowing them to recieve an extended green when approaching the light.

Select Bus Service logo

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