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Select Bus Service

M79 Select Bus Service


The M79 corridor serves nearly 14,500 average weekday riders.  The current M79 route provides crosstown service along 79th Street in Manhattan connecting dense residential neighborhoods and providing direct connections to:

  • 79th Street 1 subway subway station
  • 81st Street B subwayC subway subway station
  • Nearby 77th Street 6 subway subway station
  • Several bus routes along the corridor
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • American Museum of Natural History

SBS Improvements

Select Bus Service (SBS) brings faster and more reliable bus service to the M79. SBS improves speed and reliability through dedicated bus lanes and off-board fare payment.  SBS also improves passenger comfort and convenience through enhanced bus stops that include shelters with seating and lighting and real time bus arrival information. For more information on SBS features, please visit our SBS pages here and here.

How do I pay now?

Effective May 21, all customers must pay their fare BEFORE boarding at a fare machine. Bus stops typically have three fare machines. Two machines accept MetroCards and one machine accepts coins along with student half-fare MetroCards. After paying, you will receive a ticket as proof of purchase. You must keep your ticket for the duration of your trip. After paying, you can board the bus through any door. You do not need to show your ticket to the bus driver, unless you paid with coins and need a paper transfer. For customers using a MetroCard, transfers work the same way as other bus routes.

The M79 Corridor

Effective May 21, the M79 SBS replaces the M79 local, operating at all times.  The M79 SBS travels between Riverside Dr and East End Ave, making only SBS stops (see stop list and map below).

SBS Stations


W 79 St & Riverside Dr

E 79 St & East End Av

W 79 St & Broadway

E 79 St & York Av

Amsterdam Av & W 79 St

E 79 St & 1 Av

W 81 St & Columbus Av

E 79 St & 2 Av

W 81 St & Central Park W

E 79 St & 3 Av

E 79 St Traverse Rd & E 79 St Traverse Rd

E 79 St & Lexington Av

E 79 St & 5 Av

E 79 St & Madison Av

E 79 St & Madison Av

E 79 St & 5 Av

E 79 St & Lexington Av

E 79 St & Traverse Rd & E 79 St & Traverse Rd

E 79 St & 3rd Av

W 81 St & Central Pk W

E 79 St & 2 Av

Columbus Av & W 80 St

E 79 St & 1 Av

W 79 St & Amsterdam Av

York Av & E 79 St

W 79 St & Broadway (drop off only)

E 80 St & East End Av (drop off only)

W 79 St & Riverside Dr (drop off only)

M79 Select Bus Service Map

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