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M34/M34A 34th Street SBS

The Corridor

The M34 SBS runs river-to-river along 34th Street from the 34th Street Ferry Terminal on the East River to the Jacob Javits Convention Center on 12th Avenue.

The M34A SBS runs from Waterside Plaza to the Port Authority Bus Terminal via 34th Street, 2nd Avenue, 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue.

Approximately 22,000 passengers ride on the M34/M34A SBS on an average weekday.

Project Description

M34 and M34A SBS service operates daily providing faster crosstown service on 34th Street, stopping at most avenues. Look for the specially-branded buses. Service operates between approximately 5:00AM and 1:00AM. All customers must buy their fare before they board at ticket vending machines at the bus stop. Generally the machines are next to the bus shelter. There are at least two machines that accept MetroCards and one machine that accepts coin payments. The MetroCard machines issue and accept transfers just as if one used a farebox on a conventional bus route. There is no local M34 or M34A service. Higher capacity articulated buses were introduced in April 2013.

Physical Features

  • 2.0 mile route (M34 SBS)
  • 2.5 mile route (M34A SBS)
  • All day red-painted bus lanes on 34th Street from 1st Avenue to 11th Avenue
  • Web-based real time bus arrival information (MTA Bus Time®)

Service Plan Features

  • Off-board fare collection
  • Faster travel times on M34/M34A SBS (M34A is new route name for former M16)

SBS Stations


  • Ferry Terminal/FDR Dr
  • 34th St & 1st Av
  • 34th St & 2nd Av
  • 34th St & 3rd Av
  • 34th St & Park Av
  • 34th St & 5th Av
  • 34th St & Broadway
  • 34th St & 7th Av
  • 34th St & 8th Av
  • 34th St & 9th Av
  • 34th St & Dyer Av/10th Avenue
  • 34th St & 11th Av at Javits Convention Center
  • 34th St & 12th Av


  • Waterside Plaza Stop 1
  • Waterside Plaza Stop 2
  • 34th St & 1st Av
  • 34th St & 2nd Av
  • 34th St & 3rd Av
  • 34th St & Park Av
  • 34th St & 5th Av
  • 34th St & Broadway
  • 34th St & 7th Av
  • 8th Av & 34th St
  • 8th Av & 37th St
  • 8th Av & 40th St
  • 43rd St & 8th Av
  • 9th Av & 42nd St
  • 9th Av & 39th St
  • 34th St & 9th Av
  • 34th St & 8th Av
  • 2nd Av & 28th St
  • 23rd St & 2nd Av
  • 23rd St & 1st Av
  • 23rd St & Av C

Planned Features

Bus bulbs at selected stations coming in 2013. M34 SBS will connect to the extension at 34th Street/11th Avenue when the subway opens in 2014.

What are bus bulbs?

Starting in early 2013, New York City Transit and New York City DOT began constructing "bus bulbs" at 12 locations along 34th Street. The bus bulbs are sidewalk extensions that create more room for waiting customers and allow the bus to stay in the bus lane without pulling to the curb. Watch for bus bulb construction throughout the corridor over the next year.

M34/M34A Stops Map
*Please be aware that during bus bulb construction there will be nearby temporary bus stops

For additional information, see "34th Street Community Presentation" (PDF)

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