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Penn Station Access Study

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Penn Station Access Study Update

MTA Metro-North Railroad (Metro-North) has been preparing environmental analyses to examine the potential benefits and impacts associated with providing additional regional rail service within the New York Metropolitan Area from Metro-North's east-of-Hudson service territory to Penn Station, New York, and the west side of Manhattan. Proposed Penn Station Access service would be provided primarily by using existing infrastructure, with some capital improvements. As part of the effort, six (6) new intermediate stations would be constructed: two (2) on the West Side of Manhattan and four (4) in the East Bronx.

The environmental analyses are being performed pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969. The original intent of the analysis was to prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Based on analyses performed to date, Metro-North is currently developing an Environmental Assessment (EA) as part of a streamlined, yet detailed environmental review process that will be performed in conformance with NEPA requirements.

In a parallel effort, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Metro-North's parent agency, is co-sponsoring a study of future rail operations in Penn Station with its operating agencies (Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road), Amtrak and New Jersey Transit. The results of that study will provide input to the Penn Station Access environmental review.

Metro-North will be reaching out to project stakeholders to gain local insight and to obtain information to update and complete the technical analyses for the Penn Station Access EA.

Visit the Public Outreach section for news about upcoming opportunities to obtain Study information and to become involved.

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