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Final Scoping Document for the Proposed Emergency Ventilation Plant/ Lexington Avenue Line on Park Avenue between the 33 Street and Grand Central-42 Street Stations

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)/New York City Transit (NYCT) intends to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), Article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law. The proposed action is the construction and operation of a new emergency ventilation plant to serve the Lexington Avenue Subway Line between the 33rd Street/Park Avenue South Station and the Grand Central Terminal/42nd Street Station, located on Park Avenue in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. The emergency vent plant (EVP) would be located below grade within the Murray Hill Historic District, as designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the National Register of Historic Places.

The Proposed Project would provide the necessary mechanical ventilation to improve life safety environs during a fire/smoke condition to the tunnel section of the Lexington Avenue Subway Line between the two subway stations, which currently has no such protection. The purpose of the EVP is to provide a tenable environment along the egress route for the emergency evacuation of subway passengers during a fire/smoke condition.

An Alternative Analysis and Feasibility Evaluation (AA/FE) was performed on a range of site configurations at various locations resulted in thirteen (13) Potential Alternatives. MTA NYCT developed and comparatively evaluated them based on engineering design considerations (e.g., feasibility, constructability, schedule, etc.), cost factors, and environmental effects and as a result, two Candidate Alternatives; Alternative 11 and Alternative 12, have been identified as having the greatest potential to minimize engineering, costs, and environmental effects from among the Potential Alternatives. Both Candidate Alternatives are located in the streetbed of the northbound traffic lanes of Park Avenue. Alternative 11 would be located below the northbound lanes on Park Avenue between East 37th Street and East 39th Street, and Alternative 12 would be located below the northbound traffic lanes on Park Avenue between East 36th Street and East 38th Street. These two Candidate Alternatives remain under consideration by MTA NYCT and will be evaluated further along with the No-Action Alternative and any other reasonable opportunities or options that arise during the EIS process.

Pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) 6 New York Codes, Rules and Regulation Part 617 (6 NYCRR) and considering the potential for impacts to historic resources, air quality, noise, vibration and traffic, etc. effects of the project during construction and/or operation, the lead agency, MTA NYC Transit has determined that the Proposed Action may cause one or more significant impacts on the environment as a result, a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) will be prepared by MTA NYCT in accordance with Article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law.

A Draft Scoping Document (DSD) outlining the content of the DEIS was published and released on May 25, 2016; a Public Scoping Meeting was held on June 16, 2016, oral and written comments were accepted by the MTA NYC Transit till the close of the Public Comment period, July 1, 2016, and a Final Scoping Document has been prepared with responses to the comments.

A hard copy of the Final Scoping Document is available at the following locations: Epiphany Library, 228 E. 23rd St., New York, NY 10010; Mid-Manhattan Library, 455 5th Ave., New York, NY 10016; Grand Central Branch Library, 135 E. 46th St. New York, NY 10017; Kip’s Bay Library, 446 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10016; Manhattan Community Board 6, 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 308, New York, NY 10017; Manhattan Community Board 5, 450 Seventh Ave., Suite 2109, New York, NY 10123


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