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Explore with us! Learn about transit past and present, explore the Landmarks of Lower Manhattan, and hop on our vintage cars for a Nostalgia Ride. Transit Museum members receive discounted or free tickets as well as the opportunity to make advance reservations for coveted tours. The exclusive Members reservation period for upcoming programs will begin at 10:00 a.m. on December 16 and extends through December 17. Remaining tickets will be available to non-members on December 18. Become a member today.

Members – please see our FAQs for more information about your benefits

Gallery Talks

Join our knowledgeable Museum Educators and featured guests for in-depth, guided tours at the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn and at the Gallery Annex in Grand Central Terminal.

picture of bringing back the city poster

Transit Museum, Downtown Brooklyn
Friday, February 5, 2:00pm
Friday, March 18, 2:00pm
Free with Museum Admission  

The “city that never sleeps” needs a transit system that never sleeps. Look behind the scenes at how New York’s transit employees prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters like September 11, the 2003 Northeast Blackout, and Superstorm Sandy. Join curators Brigid Harmon and Rob Del Bagno for spotlight tours highlighting the resiliency and recovery sections of the new multimedia exhibit in Downtown Brooklyn.

Transit Museum, Downtown Brooklyn

Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm and 3pm
Free with Museum Admission

Join our expert Museum Educators on a dramatic journey through the building of New York's subway system, the evolution of the City's surface transportation, and our priceless collection of vintage subway and elevated cars dating back to 1904.

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Public Programs

Transit Museum programs explore the history, ingenuity, and inner workings of the transit system that is the lifeblood of our region. Afterhours at the Transit Museum provides an extended opportunity to explore the museum and features panels and programs with experts from the MTA, Design, Urban Planning, and Engineering fields – all set against the backdrop of our 1936 decommissioned subway station.

Unless otherwise noted, programs take place at the Museum in Downtown Brooklyn.

picture of bringing back the city poster

Wednesday, February 17, 6:30pm - Tickets
$10/Free for Museum Members

From 1951 to 2006 subway and bus fare was processed by the Department of Revenue’s Money Room, in a once-secret location at 370 Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn. The Money Room evolved as technology advanced: tokens were introduced in 1953, an innovative vacuum system helped speed up money processing at bus depots, and in the 1990s the MetroCard and Automated Fare Collection system brought revenue collection into the digital age. Join long-time MTA employee and COO of Revenue Control Alan Putre for a look back at the fascinating history of this once-secret room.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibit The Secret Life of 370 Jay Street, now on view at the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn.

picture of initiatives

Tuesday, February 23, 6:30pm - Tickets
$10/Free for Members

The MTA is gearing up for a set of transformative new initiatives that embrace the digital future. Some of the highlights include: station renovations, the expansion of wifi service to all underground stations, interactive kiosks, and new Help Point intercoms. Hear from Transit Wireless, Boyce Technologies and other MTA development partners and get an up-close look at a selection of prototypes, designs and renderings for these new initiatives.

picture of a person

*Film Screening*
Tuesday, March 15, 6:30pm - Tickets
$10/Free for Museum Members

The award-winning documentary 2e: Twice Exceptional is an honest, up-close look at what it’s like to be a gifted young person coming to terms with a learning difference. The film follows the personal journeys of a group of high school students who have been identified as “twice exceptional” – gifted individuals with learning disabilities or differences. 2E indicates where our next generation of “outliers” –geniuses, mavericks, and dreamers– may come from and what it’s like to be their parent or teacher. Post-screening discussion to follow.

Presented in partnership with ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival.

picture weather radar

Tuesday, March 22, 6:30pm - Tickets
$10/Free for Museum Members

With a warming climate likely to raise sea levels and generate more extreme weather, superstorms like Sandy may no longer be once-in-a-lifetime occurrences. Looking ahead, MTA engineers, scientists, policy makers, and emergency planners must work together to navigate these changes and their impact on the transit system. Join Earth and Environmental Scientist Adam Sobel (Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy and Our Changing Climate) to consider weather and its effects on our city.

Presented in conjunction with the multimedia exhibit Bringing Back the City: Mass Transit Responds to Crisis, now on view at the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn.

picture of man underground

Tuesday, April 12, 6:30pm - Tickets
$10/Free for Members

Below the streets of New York City lies an intricate and expansive maze of water mains, power lines, sewage systems, and tunnels and tracks for the subway and five passenger railroads (LIRR, Metro-North, New Jersey Transit, PATH, and Amtrak). As the city’s infrastructure continues to grow and modernize, how do the components of this underground network co-exist alongside—or around—one another?  How did major events like September 11th and Superstorm Sandy impact what’s below? Join archeologist Alyssa Loorya for a fascinating evening examining the city beneath our feet.

Presented in conjunction with the multimedia exhibit Bringing Back the City: Mass Transit Responds to Crisis, now on view at the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn.

picture of platform

Tuesday, April 19, 6:00pm - Tickets
$15/$10 Museum Members

Inspired by the engineering, intricate choreography, and impromptu interactions of your daily commute? Wish there was an open mic night for historians and urbanists? A show-and-tell for your creative musings on mass transit? Us, too. The New York Transit Museum presents PLATFORM, an exciting series of cross-disciplinary programs created by the public for the public. Have an idea? We’ll give you a platform. Full lineup at


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Offsite Tours/Excursions

*Members Only*
Sold Out


Saturday, January 30, 2pm - Tickets
Sunday, February 21, 2pm - Tickets
Wednesday, March 16, 6pm - Tickets
Saturday, March 19, 2pm - Tickets
Thursday, March 24, 6pm - Tickets
Thursday, April 7, 6pm - Tickets
Sunday, April 10, 2pm - Tickets
Wednesday, April 13, 6pm - Tickets
$50 Museum Members Only

As a member of the Transit Museum you can have the rare opportunity of exploring this decommissioned subway station with its elegant chandeliers, leaded skylights, vaulted tile ceiling, and graceful curves. You will feel transported back to 1904, when City Hall Station’s opening marked the very first subway ride in New York City and a moment of great civic pride.

Children must be 10+ to attend and accompanied by an adult at all times. To be admitted to this restricted site participants must provide a copy of a government-issued ID for a background check, and must sign a release immediately after purchasing tickets.

240th Street Train Yard
*Members Only*
Sold Out


Sunday, January 31, 11am - Tickets
Saturday, February 20, 11am - Tickets

$40 Museum Members Only

Built over 100 years ago in 1906 to support the original IRT subway line, today 240th Street Yard is home to trains running on the number 1 line. Also known as the Van Cortlandt Yard, it includes over 20 inspection and layup tracks, and stands entirely on elevated structures.  Head behind the scenes with General Superintendent Raymond DelValle Jr, and hear his firsthand account of weathering Superstorm Sandy while stationed at the yard before, during, and after the storm.

Children must be 10+ to attend and accompanied by an adult at all times. To be admitted to this restricted site participants must provide a copy of a government-issued ID for a background check, and must sign a release immediately after purchasing tickets.

Grand Ave Depot logo
*Nostalgia Bus Ride*
Saturday, February 27, 11am - Tickets
Sunday, April 17, 11am - Tickets

$45/$35 for Museum Members

Meet at the Transit Museum and hop on one of our vintage buses for a special trip to the Grand Avenue Bus Depot in Maspeth – a 500,000 square foot energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facility. 24 hours a day, every day of the year, more than 200 buses for the Brooklyn and Queens Division visit the Depot to tune up, fuel up, and catch some rest before hitting the streets again.  Explore the on-site wood and metal shops, and compare the old with the new as our vintage buses pull up alongside contemporary fleets.

Children must be 10+ to attend and accompanied by an adult at all times. To be admitted to this restricted site participants must provide a copy of a government-issued ID for a background check, and must sign a release immediately after purchasing tickets.

Brooklyn's Mid-Century Transformation
*Walking Tour*
Saturday, March 5, 2pm - Tickets
Sunday, April 24, 2pm - Tickets
$35/$25 Museum Members

Less than four blocks from the Transit Museum, above the Jay Street – MetroTech Station, stands a 13-story white limestone building that for more than 50 years housed the headquarters of New York’s evolving transit agencies. Though the building played host to decades of transportation history, it also stands as a remnant of downtown Brooklyn’s dramatic urban revitalization. Join acclaimed architectural historian and author Francis Morrone for a walk in Downtown Brooklyn to explore the successes and shortcomings of the area’s post-war development, which forever changed the face of the borough.

Elevated Railway lineElevated Railway line
*Walking Tour*
Sold Out
Sunday, March 13, 2pm - Tickets
Saturday, April 16, 2pm - Tickets

$35/$25 Museum Members

Long before the underground tunnels of the subway opened, elevated railway lines rose above the busy streets of New York City, offering commuters a swift travel alternative to the traffic below. Though many of the elevated railways are gone, the construction of these lines in the 1870s established the business and residential neighborhoods that define this city today.  On this special walking tour of Williamsburg and Bushwick, Michael Morgenthal takes you on a “ghost hunt” of places and spaces – the old Myrtle Avenue Station, original trusses from the elevated line, and advertisements strategically placed to be viewed from an elevated vantage point, to name a few.

*Walking Tour*
Sunday, March 20, 2pm - Tickets
Saturday, April 23, 2pm - Tickets

$20/$15 Museum Members

Our Museum Educators lead a series of Transit Walks through the boroughs, examining transportation history and contemporary landmarks one neighborhood at a time. This winter, join Transit Museum Educator Katherine Reeves on a stroll down Flatbush Avenue as she traces the early routes of horse drawn carriages, the development of the BRT and BMT lines, and the Malbone Street Wreck of 1918, one of the deadliest train crashes in the history of the United States.

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Youth & Family Programs

View the complete CHILDREN & FAMILY PROGRAM CALENDAR. For more information on these and other family programs please call 718-694-1792.

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Access Programs

Sun, March 6, 10am - 12pm - Tickets

Rise and shine then come to the Transit Museum for an early opening in collaboration with Extreme Kids and Crew! Children with disabilities and their families can come to the Museum an hour before it opens to the public. Free admission, fun activities about transit and a quiet room are offered. All ages welcome. Registration required.  

TOURS FOR ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES Customized tours are offered for adults with developmental and/or learning disabilities. Learn more information and sign up for a tour here.


Subway Sleuths is a program offered for 2nd-5th grade students on the autism spectrum who have a passion for trains and transit and can use their language to share experiences and interests. Please e-mail or call 718-694-1823 for more information. CLICK HERE to apply for Spring 2016!


We offer customized tours that meet the learning needs of your students. To learn more about bringing your students to the Museum, please visit our Teacher Resource Center.


Offered for adults and students with developmental and/or learning disabilities, this program is an introduction to independent subway travel in the safe environment of our subway station museum. Learn more information and sign up for Travel Training here.

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General Museum Information

Other Notes on Museum Tours: Many of our tours take you behind the scenes to visit areas generally restricted to the public. In order for the Museum to obtain security clearance to bring you to these locations, you may be required to sign a visitor-release form and/or provide a copy of a government-issued ID which will be reviewed by the NYPD.

Unless otherwise noted, reservations and advance payment are required for all ticketed events. Tours are generally not appropriate for young children or babies in strollers. Children must be at least 10 years of age to attend a shop or substation tour, Trolley Ghosts, and Old City Hall.

Photography and video recording are usually permitted. Tripods and stands my not be used. All photographs taken are for personal use only. Permission to photograph may be revoked at any time.

Events and tours are subject to change without notice. In case of a program or reservation cancellation, the Museum will issue a voucher equal to the dollar amount paid; valid for one year; and redeemable for any other scheduled program.

Refunds are not available for ticketed programs. Should you be unable to attend, the full price of unused tickets may be treated as a donation to the Transit Museum and is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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