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MTA Investor Information

All of these documents are in PDF format, which means you need to download (if you have not already done so) the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some are very large, and may require you to wait while they are loading. The size in megabytes is given for those over 500K (0.5M) in size.

Municipal Advisor Disclosure

The MTA intends that market participants receive and use the above letter for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor exemption to the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) Municipal Advisor Rule. This IRMA exemption letter may be relied upon through December 18, 2019, unless withdrawn or modified by the MTA.

Debt Portfolio Information

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Credit Ratings

MTA Credit
& Poor's
Kroll Bond
Rating Agency
Transportation Revenue
Dedicated Tax Fund
TBTA — Senior Resolution
TBTA — Subordinate Resolution
State Service Contract

Disclosure Filings and Financial Reports

Annual Combined Continuing Disclosure Filings

Quarterly Updates to Annual Disclosure Statement

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

State of New York Annual Audited Financial Statements

Financing Agreements

  • On May 5, 2015, MTA entered into a financing agreement with the United States, represented by the Secretary of Transportation, acting through the Federal Railroad Administrator, to finance costs incurred by MTA in connection with the installation of the federally required Positive Train Control Systems on its commuter rail tracks. For more details, see the summary and financing agreement and the supplemental resolution that went before the MTA Board in April 2015. The approved financing is for a total of $967,100,000, and as any draws are made on the loan, the information will be added to the table below.

    RRIF Loan Draws (TRB 2015X Issuance)
    Draw Date
    Maturity Date

  • On August 24, 2017, MTA entered into a $350 million taxable revolving credit agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association that is active through August 24, 2022. An initial draw of $3.5 million was made upon closing. This balance will remain throughout the duration of the agreement. In the event that there are any additional draws on this line of credit, that information will be indicated below. For more information, see the credit agreement.

Green Bonds – Climate Bond Certification

MTA has issued several series of bonds that have been designated as “Climate Bond Certified” pursuant to the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Climate Bond Standards Version 2.0 (and its successor Version 2.1), using the Low Carbon Transport criteria. Set forth below are links to various instruments prepared by third parties relating to these bonds. Such instruments do not constitute representations by MTA and MTA assumes no responsibility for any statements contained therein.

Certification and Verification Documents

MTA Annual Compliance Certification

MTA Carbon Emissions Reporting

MTA is endeavoring to voluntarily identify and track instances of greenhouse emissions and the measures taken toward their avoidance, in order to work effectively towards reducing its own carbon footprint while contributing to the public’s understanding of the role mass transit plays in reducing carbon emissions. MTA is a Founding Member of The Climate Registry and annually reports data via The Climate Registry Information System (free login required). The latest verified reports are available there as well as below.

Hudson Rail Yards Trust Obligations

HRY Trust Obligations - Official Statement

Official Statements and Remarketing Circulars

Material Event Notices

Policies and Guidelines

Summaries of MTA Bond Resolutions


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