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Grant Management

The following list presents four recently awarded Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants. NY-2019-067 funded projects for LIRR, MNR and NYCT. The grant amendment NY-2016-046-02 added funding to an existing MTA Bus grant, and two new grants – NY-2019-057 and NY-2019-058 funded new MTA Bus projects. This is the MTA's final program of projects for the Section 5307 funding obligated in Federal Fiscal Year 2019.

These grants obligated a total of 309,081,633 of Section 5307 funds for NYCT, LIRR, MNR and MTA Bus were executed between August and September, 2019. The public hearings for the proposed program of projects were held by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, on September 12, 2017 and September 6, 2018. This list is provided to the public as required by 49 USC 5307.

Federal Amount ($)


LIRR L70401C9 LIRR Franklin Avenue Hatchway & Murray Hill ROW Fence Improvements $2,800,000
LIRR L70401C7 LIRR Atlantic Avenue Hatchway Improvements 4,560,000
LIRR L70502LH LIRR Babylon Interlocking Renewal 31,160,000
MNR M7030105 MNR GCT Turnouts/Switch Renewal 3,480,000
MNR M7030104 MNR Turnouts Mainline/High Speed 5,000,000
MNR 882218 MNR Haverstraw to Ossining Ferry Service 1,924,855
MNR 882315 MNR Newburgh to Beacon Ferry Service 1,494,654
MNR M7030112 MNR 2019 Cyclical Track Program 20,825,000
NYCT MW64-0845 NYCT Line Structure Component Program Brooklyn EPK 62,238,340
NYCT MW64-3781 NYCT Vents between Stations E 161St to E 192St Concourse 7,058,270
NYCT MW48-1505 NYCT Replace 12 Traction Elevators Broadway 7Av Line 75,556,750
NYCT MW48-1507 NYCT Replace 6 Traction Elevators 8Av Line 32,696,075
    Subtotal 248,793,944

NY-2016-046-02 MTA Bus Section 5307 – 2016 Projects


U7030202 MTA Bus - Purchase 257 Express Buses for MTA Bus 40,254,374
    Subtotal 40,254,374

NY-2019-057 MTA Bus Section 5307 – 2017/2018 Projects

MTA Bus U7030207 MTA Bus Depot Component Rehab 14,322,849
MTA Bus U70302015 MTA Bus Support Projects 2,100,068
    Subtotal 16,422,917

NY-2019-058 MTA Bus Section 5307 – 2018 Projects

MTA Bus U6030212 MTA Bus - CNG Upgrade - College Point Depot 1,836,574
MTA Bus U6030222 MTA Bus - Construction Mgmt Services-2013 1,773,824










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