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MTA Job Application – Questions and Answers

I am interested in applying for the Police Officer position. Where can I get additional information about this opportunity?

Click here for information regarding Police Officer applications. Please note the Police Officer job posting is now closed. Applications are no longer being accepted.
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What is the MTA's job application process?

Job applications must be submitted through the online application system for positions at MTA headquarters (including MTA Police Department, Business Service Center, and Office of the Inspector General), New York City Transit, MTA Bus Company, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and Capital Construction. (To apply for a job at Bridges and Tunnels, access its employment website by going to and clicking on Bridges and Tunnels.)
Once you have determined that you are interested in one or more positions, select the jobs and add them to your Job Basket. Your Job Basket collects all the positions that you want to apply for and puts them into one list. Make sure that you meet the requirements for each job you are interested in, then click the Apply for Jobs in my Job Basket button. You will be asked to login to the online application (if you are a returning user) or create a new login and password. You should write down and retain your user name and password for future use.
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Is the online job application system secure?

Yes. Security for the system has been vigorously tested.
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Do I have to apply online for employment consideration or can I apply using regular mail?

You must apply online for most MTA jobs.
You can use regular mail to apply for a position with MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Access its employment opportunities by going to and clicking on Bridges and Tunnels.
New York City Transit's Exams Unit (for civil service/list hiring), which conducts exams for certain New York City subway and bus positions (including Staten Island Railway), accepts printed copies of applications and any associated documents.
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I don't have a computer at home. How can I apply for MTA jobs?

You can view and apply for employment opportunities from any location with a computer that has access to the Internet, including public libraries, state unemployment offices, career placement and college placement centers, and Internet cafes. You’ll need to have your resume available on a portable storage device in order to upload it to the online application.
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Will I need an email address?

Yes, an email address is necessary. If you don't have an email address, there are several Internet Service Providers that will give you a free email account, including,,,, and many other sites.
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What information do I need to give you in order to apply for a job?

To apply for a job you will need to fill out all of the application pages (including education, past job experience, etc.). You will also have to attach a copy of your resume to the application. Most libraries and internet cafes will allow you to upload documents from a portable storage device.
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What if I forget my password?

Go to the online job application identification page, type in your email address, click on I Forgot My Password. You will then receive a Password Confirmation message saying that your password has been sent to your registered email account.
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What if I change my email address?

If you change your email address, login using your old email account and update your email address to the new account using the Update Contact Information link on the application home page.
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Can I attach or paste my resume instead of filling out the online application?

All applicants (except for Police and civil service/list positions) must attach a resume. You must also complete all of the subsequent information pages in the online application to ensure proper consideration for each position of interest.
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Can I review my information before submitting it?

Yes. At the top of each page you will see a series of circled numbers that relate to specific pages of your application. Once you have completed the page and click Next, the corresponding circled number will turn blue. Before submitting your application, you can review and/or modify a page by clicking on the applicable circled number or by navigating through the application using the Previous or Next buttons.
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How will I know if my application has been received?

When your online application is submitted, you will receive an immediate email Submit Confirmation notification at the email address you used to create your account. You can also login to the employment site to see a complete history of the MTA jobs you have applied for.
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Can I update my resume at a later date if I am interested in applying for another position?

You cannot update a resume that has already been submitted but you can login and upload a new resume at any time, which will delete your old resume. Please make sure that you also update the related application page information at that time.
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What if I am not the world's best typist? How can I check my spelling?

We do not have a spellcheck option available in our online application program. You should review all information you type into the application and proofread and spellcheck your resume before attaching it to your application.
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How do I get assistance with the job application process?

Requests for information should be sent to For questions, please contact the Business Service Center at 646-376-0123.
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