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MTA Arts for Transit presents Safari 7, an interactive website about urban wildlife (Oysters! Fish! Squirrels! Chickens!) found along the 7 subway line.

Safari 7 offers podcasts and maps that explore New York's ecosystems, its complexity, biodiversity, conflicts and potentials. Self-guided tours are available online. Join the experience independently by downloading podcasts from

Through Safari 7 tours, subway cars serve as eco-urban classrooms and travelers become park rangers in their own city.

During Earth Week (April 19-23, 2010) at Grand Central Terminal, MTA Arts for Transit presented the Safari 7 Base Camp in Vanderbilt Hall where visitors could listen to podcasts that provided a narrated guide to the ecosystems found along the 7 line. The podcats are available at Safari 7 was developed in 2009 by the Urban Landscape Lab at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, Preservation and MTWTF.

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