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Eye on the Future

Photo of MTA Chairman and CEO, Thomas F. Prendergast

Welcome to the latest MTA "Eye on the Future," in which we present currently funded capital projects that are planned to be advertised from September 2014 through September 2015.

The "Eye" is hosted on our MTA Capital Program web site, which assembles key information and resources about the Capital Program in one convenient location. It is another part of how we are changing the way we do business and we hope that you find it to be useful.

The MTA Capital Program is not only very important for the safety and reliability of the MTA transportation system; it is also vital to the regional economy. As described in this issue of the "Eye," the MTA is preparing to undertake more than $1.3 billion in capital work that spans many areas, including civil, structural, and electrical, as well as new technologies. Based on the October 2009 APTA publication on the Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investments, this amount of investment is projected to create 32 thousand jobs and generate $5.6 billion in economic activity for the New York region. These projects are vital to the reliability growth and resiliency of the system and contribute to the regional economy. We look forward to your participation.

Contractors and suppliers have a critical stake in the success of the Capital Program. We appreciate your interest in and support of the projects included in this issue of the "Eye."

Yours truly,

Thomas F. Prendergast
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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