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MTA 2008 Preliminary Budget

July Financial Plan 2008-2011

Full Report (574 pp. 5.0 MB PDF)

Part 1 (20 pp, 2.3 MB) Cover
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. MTA Consolidated 2007-2011 Financial Plan

Part 2 (98 pp, 536 KB)

III. Major Assumptions 2008-2011 Projections

Part 3 (59 pp, 458 KB) IV. Policy Actions, Gap Closing Program, and Cash Management Actions
V. Other MTA Consolidated Materials
VI. MTA Capital Program Information

Part 4 (96 pp, 899 KB)

VII-A. Agency Financial Plans
Bridges and Tunnels
Capital Construction Company
Long Island Bus

Part 5 (88 pp, 792 KB)

VII-B. Agency Financial Plans
Long Island Rail Road
Metro-North Railroad

Part 6 (55 pp, 463 KB)

VII-C. Agency Financial Plans
MTA Headquarters, First Mutual Transportation Assurance Company,
and Inspector General

Part 7 (89 pp, 569 KB)

VII-D. Agency Financial Plans
New York City Transit

Part 8 (66 pp, 618 KB)

VII-E. Agency Financial Plans
MTA Bus Company
Staten Island Railway

Part 9 (3 pp, 28 KB)

VIII. Appendix

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