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Fort Hamilton Pkwy

Maria Berrio

There is Magic Underneath it All, 2019

Glass and ceramic mosaic

There is Magic Underneath it All is an imaginative and whimsical artwork created by Maria Berrio at the Fort Hamilton Pkwy station in Brooklyn. As passengers embark on their subway commute, they are greeted by surreal and fantastical compositions that include cheetahs, swans, musicians, parrots, and kaleidoscopes of butterflies. Fourteen glass and ceramic mosaic pieces, viewed from both sides of the platform, are layered with colorful patterns, instruments and folkloric animals. From Berrio’s series of collaged paintings that use patterned papers to build the images, Mosaika Art & Design created this series of mosaics with texture and rich color.

The artwork panels are evocative of the drama and majesty of journeys taken by individual travelers who may have immigrated from another country, state or borough. The artist strives to inspire and remind passengers that they are in the realm of possibility, beauty and magic. Maria Berrio encourages the viewers to explore their exterior and inner worlds, which are teeming with creativity, mystery and joy.

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