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Central Avenue

George Bates

Generation Dynamica, 2013

Stainless steel panels in station windscreens

Bushwick residents come to life in George Bates’ Generation Dynamica at the Central Avenue station. Consisting of 20 stainless steel panels in the station’s platform windscreens, the work depicts larger characters encompassing smaller figures in silhouette, referencing the many populations who make the community their home. The scale of figures within figures causes the viewer’s the eye to keep moving across the panels, but what becomes quickly apparent is that all are connected.

Generation Dynamica seeks to show how communities are in flux and are shaped by the contributions and aspirations of its individual members and their personal histories. Bates includes elements from the area’s social history and waves of immigration, from Germany and Central America, and many places in between. The diversity of musical sounds is also represented in the artwork, and is further evidence of the rich cultural traditions–new and emerging–that the artist wanted to convey.

The artwork is fabricated in waterjet cut stainless steel by KC Fabrications. Bates spent many years as a resident of the community served by the station. His inventive use of line and form gives personality to the dozens of figures showcased in the artwork. The figures span age groups and demographics, and each are engaged in activity that represents characteristics about their lives. Together they represent a richly dynamic neighborhood which the artwork panels represent in keenly observed detail.

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