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MTA Arts & Design


Sutter Avenue

Takayo Noda

The Habitat for the Yellow Bird, 2007

Faceted glass in platform windscreens

Rainbows, butterflies, sunny skies, and shining stars are incorporated into The Habitat for the Yellow Bird. In fabricating the 18 faceted glass panels located on the platforms of the Sutter Avenue station, the artist took great care to include details of her original artwork such as painting minuscule veins and features of the leaves as part of vibrant compositions of flowers, over 100 tiny pieces of glass to portray the brilliance of a single butterfly, subtle shading of the petals of the bold sunflower, and a carefully selected color palette for the delicate field of pansies. Takayo strove to bring cheer and spirit to the transit public through her colorful imaginary landscapes with blue skies and twinkling stars.

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