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Lorimer Street

Annette Davidek

Roundlet Series, 2002

Faceted glass in mezzanine windows and platform windscreens

Annette Davidek's murals at Lorimer Street in Brooklyn illustrate the fractured and fragmented language of nature in a medium well-suited for her expressive work. Roundlet Series reveals the countless varieties of organic forms in botany. At times the murals recall blossoming flowers, twisting branches, or meandering patterns that mimic genetic elements. The challenge in translating the artist's work-on-paper into the faceted glass murals was to capture the detail and complexity of the compositions while maintaining their captivating qualities. Faceted glass delivers a striking quality of translucency, texture, and range of color. Dramatic contrasts between the contour and the content becomes apparent against the background and the result adds vibrancy to the station platform.

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