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Avenue N

Lisa Sigal

Push Pull, 2018

Laminated glass

Highlighting the views of specific Brooklyn streetscapes near the station, Brooklyn-based artist Lisa Sigal captured refractive images that multiply the appearance of a single transparent surface into many reflections of public, private and commercial sites. Each horizontal, panoramic image is a single photograph shot at just the right angle and time of day. Push/Pull functions as a still moment, while also referencing the instruction for passage from one place to another. The terms “push” and “pull” are also commonly used by painters; planes of color push or pull the eye creating depth in a picture. Fabricatd in Queens by Depp Glass, Push/Pull is a tribute to the rich social and visual tapestry of Brooklyn. The artist acknowledged the wonderful ability of people in the city, especially subway straphangers, who are able to negotiate close spaces, coexist gracefully, and travel from place to place comfortably throughout the city.

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