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Bay Parkway

Leslie Wayne

Neptune’s Garden, 2018

Laminated glass

Leslie Wayne created Neptune’s Garden for the Bay Parkway station, situated along the elevated subway route to Coney Island. In creating the artwork, artist Leslie Wayne considered the public’s shared interests and concerns for the environment and surrounding bodies of water. New Yorkers perennially enjoy the ocean, whether it’s visiting the beaches during the summertime, watching the Coney Island Polar Bear Club take a dip in the winter, fishing, or taking in the view. Neptune’s Garden is a tribute to this enjoyment, the ocean’s beauty and also, a reminder of its fragility. For the fabrication of this laminated glass artwork, Wayne worked with Derix Glasstudios to incorporate various techniques in creating the colorful coral shapes and hand painting was applied to various layers to create depth within each glass panel. Colorful, organic forms characterize coral in the sea, and the blue and green shapes appear as floating seaweed and ferns. Similar to Leslie Wayne’s studio paintings, in which layers of oil paint are built up and then pushed and manipulated into ribbons and crenelated forms, the layers of glass panels create texture and a fantasy-like panorama of the sea floor in all its splendor.

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