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Avenue I

Kambui Olujimi

Where the Sky Begins, 2018

Laminated glass

Brooklyn-based artist Kambui Olujimi created Where the Sky Begins for the Avenue I station in the Mapleton neighborhood of Brooklyn. Olujimi worked with fabricator Depp Glass to create these laminated glass panels consisting photographed from around the world by the artist. This series of artworks speaks to the international nature of Brooklyn and the greater city of New York, and is inspired by the interdependence of our global community. While individuals are intrinsically unique, we all intersect and overlap through our shared experiences, at home and afar. Kambui Olujimi references our universal connections and the infinite changing skies, whether it be in Johannesburg or Jerusalem, Beijing or Brooklyn, Rio or Rome. Amongst the shifting clouds, we all find a place to wander within the abstract spaces that hold infinite possibilities. The common place of human experience is Where the Sky Begins.

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