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20th Avenue

Odili Donald Odita

Kaleidoscope, 2012

Laminated glass in platform windscreens

Kaleidoscope, created by Odili Donald Odita, is a laminated glass installation spanning throughout the elevated station platforms, which cross the commercial street and neighborhood hub of 20th Avenue.

Odita is known for creating site-specific wall painting and installations that use abstract color patterns as a personal response to and visual memory of the specific site. Odita shares his percpetions of the Bensonhurst neighborhood in his choice of color and patterns in the artwork. He was particularly aware of the changes in this neighborhood since the 1990s and its parallels to the evolution of communities in general. Impressions of the neighborhood became his major inspiration in the design and the color palette for Kaleidoscope.

Composed of forty panels of vibrant color patterns in an invigorating diagonal movement, the formation of bold to pastel colors in Kaleidoscope exists similarly to the way that color exists in quilts, creating patterns and visual interest while symbolizing the many individual elements it takes to compose a unified whole, in this case, a community. Odita also sought to have the work represent the vitality and diversity within the neighborhood’s businesses. Kaleidoscope represents the vitality of its location at the 20th Avenue subway, and like the subway itself, resonates throughout the City.

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