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163 St-Amsterdam Ave

Firelei Báez

Ciguapa Antellana, me llamo sueño de la madrugada. (who more sci-fi than us), 2018

Glass mosaic

Glass mosaic artwork by Firelei Báez for the 163 St-Amsterdam Av station includes two platform wall murals and two mezzanine level murals, creating a lively and lush environment. The artwork is steeped in the artist’s Caribbean cultural heritage and that of the neighborhood, with the title being derived from the novel “The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz. Tropical and North American leaves and vines are intertwined with intricate patterns and hand symbols representative of the communities in Washington Heights, incorporating healing imagery familiar to many cultures and inspiring a vision of hope for the future. Ciguapas, powerful feminine figures from Dominican folklore, join passengers on the daily commute. Báez’s art works on many levels to explore the identities of women, myth, tradition and cultural while bringing a unique perspective as a Dominican-Haitian artist.

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