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Joyce Kozloff

Parkside Portals, 2018

Glass mosaic and ceramic tile

The six colorful glass mosaic and ceramic tile murals in Joyce Kozloff’s “Parkside Portals” offer a view of the Upper West Side through a micro and macro lens. The perspective shifts from aerial views of Central Park West using Google Earth technology, to a zoom on the lavish design elements found on the neighborhood’s majestic building facades, which Kozloff riffs on and embellishes with her eye for color and knowledge of the community, from the decade she lived on the Upper West Side. Framing these details are the trees of Central Park during the four seasons of the year. The artwork pays homage to the architecture of Central Park West, and its beaux arts and art deco ornamentation, and includes a map of Seneca Village, which was a 5 acre settlement founded in 1825 situated where Central Park now lies, of mostly African American landowners, the first such community in the city. Kozloff collaborated closely with Miotto Mosaics and Travisanutto, Giovanni SRL who translated her intricate paintings into glazed tiles and glass mosaics.

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