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Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue

Jason Rohlf

Respite, 2011

Laminated glass

New glass artwork at the Mott Avenue terminal building brings brightness, color, and stature to the building, which received a new interior and easier access. The opportunity to create art throughout the terminal headhouse provided the artist with a large canvas to realize his vision, and the strong light that surrounds the terminal made glass the medium of choice.

Artist Jason Rohlf created original paintings for the project, which were translated into hand-painted laminated glass panels, and treated to achieve the artist’s preference for a textured, multi-layered appearance. The artwork is visible to all who enter or leave the station – and on both sides of the elevated platform where it meets the stairs and elevator. The art encompasses the NYC transit station, beaming light and color throughout the architectural space.

Respite is an abstract landscape of birds perched on outstretched branches. The colors in the birds blend into the branches, symbolizing the connection between people and their community The series of luminous glass panels features three distinct color themes (green for dawn, blue for midday and orange for dusk) and relate to the strong links between nature and light in this seaside community.

“As an artist, this project was a fantastic opportunity to really impact the architecture and create work that serves to connect the viewers with the surrounding landscape”, said Jason Rohlf. The colors in the glass reflect into shadows that splash throughout the station, providing a welcome and vibrant addition to the rider’s experience.

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