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104th Street

Béatrice Coron

On the Right Track, 2015

Stainless steel

The artwork, fabricated in laser cut stainless steel panels, represents a giant deck of cards that depict positive and uplifting moods that passengers may wish to choose to endorse for the day. For the artist, the cards are associated with ideas of play and divination. They can be played to know the future, much like reading a daily horoscope or they can be used like flash cards to remind us of the different moods and feelings that we can inhabit in our daily lives. For commuters, the artwork provides an opportunity to reflect and consider what frame of mind they will start and end the day with and to help keep their mind on “the right track.” People on the platform may choose a card to embrace for the day, while riders on the moving train may view the cards as an unfolding hand.

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