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80th Street

Mia Pearlman

Soar, 2015

Stainless steel

A total of 18 gleaming three-dimensional sculptural steel panels transform the 80th St. station platforms. Six panels are double framed with double layers of unique, swirling waves. In the sunlight, they reflect and project patterns of spinning motion onto the pathway of commuters which invites interaction and adds a playful spirit to the commute. The panels are functional as well, protecting the passengers from wind and weather. For her artwork Soar, Mia Pearlman created delicate, miniature papercut sculptures that were transformed through fabrication of hefty plates of steel into the final magical art forms. In creating her design, Pearlman was inspired by standing on the elevated platform and the feeling of closeness to the sky. While waiting for the train, she felt that one is encouraged to contemplate the weather, clouds and colors, all constantly shifting by the moment. The curving, perforated metal panels echo the air currents and the sky above, connecting us to place and reminding us of the beauty inherent in these natural phenomena.

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