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Woodside-61st Street

Dimitri Gerakaris

Woodside Continuum, 1999

Hand-forged steel and stainless steel railings in control area

Woodside Continuum deals with the history of Woodside as a neighborhood, and its relationship to the railroad in particular. "The challenge and opportunity of the Woodside station is in its relationship to the past and to the future," Gerakaris explains. "In designing art for it, I wanted to create a continuum to link generations - starting centuries ago with wilderness, farms, country lanes, and abundant woods, to today. People rushing by may become aware of this now vanished town and, upon reflection, realize that they are the link to the future ... I wanted Woodside Continuum to present history accurately but in an engaging way. My aim was to encourage people to think about the continuity and to see the ways Woodside has changed and is changing - and the powerful role transportation has played in that process."

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