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33 Street-Rawson Street

Yumi Heo

Q is for Queens, 1999

Faceted glass on mezzanines and platforms

When the 7 train emerges from the underground to become elevated as its travels through Queens, it passes through a succession of stations in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the city. The renovation of this line included a major work of art that pays homage to the borough of Queens and its diversity. Artist Yumi Heo designed 30 faceted-glass panels for the stations' mezzanines and platforms. Collectively titled Q is for Queens, the panels use each letter of the alphabet (e.g. A is for Aqueduct racetrack ... Z is for Zoo) to highlight neighborhood places and events, in a narrative that brings the richness of Queens to life, filtered through the artist's sensibility. 33rd Street-Rawson Street includes the letters A through H and two other murals, including one of a "Redbird" subway car. (See 46th Street-Bliss Street and 40th Street-Lowery Street.)

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