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Morrison Avenue-Soundview

Maria Cristalli and Marc Brown

The Land Between Two Waters, 2010

Forged steel windscreen

Rendered in forged steel, The Land Between Two Waters consists of 14 panels in seven pairs that are integrated into the stations platform windscreens. The images evoke the nearby rivers and other elements of the landscape, both natural and constructed, associated with the history and evolution of the area.

Soundview is located near the point where the Bronx River flows into the East River and was once known as the "Land by the Two Waters" by the native Siwanoy people. With water as a central element, the artists depict a forest of native trees (oak, tulip tree, cottonwood, mountain ash, sweet maple, sassafras, and flowering dogwood) and birds (wild pheasant, osprey, great egret, cedar waxwing, cardinal, and grey catbird). Other panels farmland and the contemporary cityscape of homes, bridges, and distant skylines. Throughout, however, the artists compel us to view ourselves in an urban environment that is not separate from but is part of the natural landscape and its evolution.

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