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MTA Arts & Design


Buhre Avenue

Soonae Tark

Have a Happy Day, 2015

Glass mosaic

Have a Happy Day consists of six mosaic murals of colorful geometric abstract forms, located on the elevated station platforms. Resonating with the landscape of the neighborhood, the vibrant, whimsical arrangements interact with the bright, open sky and the natural light. The rigid lines and square structures, on the southbound platform, are reflective of the buildings and the journey towards Manhattan, while the curved lines and circular motifs, on the northbound platform, are symbolic of nature and Pelham Bay. Miotto Mosaic Art Studio interpreted her original design into the finished panels. For the project, Soonae Tark chose bright, primary colors as forms of expression, similarly to many cultures of people. Through the contrasting configurations, Soonae seeks to inspire commuters and the people of the neighborhood with positive energy and uplifting feelings. The work, with a universal appeal, was designed for all who travel the subway and use this station.

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