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William Low

A Day in Parkchester, 2011

Faceted glass on stairwell

A Day in Parkchester, created by artist William Low, features two picturesque, iconic day and night scenes of the neighborhood with a day and night view. Fabricated into 40 faceted glass panels, the monumental 11 feet high windows are located in the two stairwells leading from the mezzanine to the platform, filling the space with light and color.

The main characters are the sun and the moon, placed high above the Bronx cityscape with rolling hills, beautiful old apartment buildings, and green parks. Intrigued by the idea that commuters pass by the windows at different times of the day and the effect of the changing light from morning to night, Low created the artwork with the idea in mind that commuters pass by the windows at different times of the day. Light and the location became both the subject matter and focal point. The windows capture the daily light beautifully throughout the day, receiving the stronger daytime rays in the morning and the softer light in the evening hours. The colorful glass provides commuters with the opportunity to view and enjoy its effect throughout the day.

Low was born and raised in the Bronx and was inspired by the station design, and incorporated elements of the original mosaic frieze into his work. The artist has fond memories of riding the subway while growing up in the Bronx.

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