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Zerega Avenue

Jaime Arredondo

Garden of Earthly Delights, 2015

Ceramic forms and glass mosaic

Visually dynamic and bold, six groups of flower motifs adorn the station’s elevated platforms in celebration of beautiful gardens, warm weather and nature. Each of the six collections consists of six individual, dazzling compositions of flowers, placed within complementary background colors. The 36 original paintings were closely translated by Mosaika Art & Design during the fabrication process into large scale, three dimensional ceramic forms and glass mosaic panels. Bringing comfort and various association to people, flowers have many meanings and uses. Arredondo uses lilies and crocuses to reflect renewal, hope and awaking, while marigolds, morning glories and daisies are associated with remembrances, commemorations and fiestas. Pansies and morning glories suggest warm weather. Blue, purple and pink roses are full of magic and celebration. The artist seeks to bring color and joy through the expressive artwork to the active urban context of the Bronx station.

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