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33rd Street

James Garvey

Lariat Seat Loops, 1997

Bronze seat rests attached to platform columns

The 14 sculptural Lariat Seat Loops encircle structural columns at the 33rd Street subway station in a variety of shapely configurations. In each, says artist James Garvey, "the thick bronze bar ... resembles the lasso demonstration in a Will Rogers film clip." Useful and decorative, some loops serve as handholds and others as seat rests. Each bar swells where it touches the surface and is attached to the column with custom-forged bolts.

The Loops were handmade and individually crafted in Garvey's forge in Harlem. Describing the work, he said, "I look at the lariat loops almost as earrings, as ornaments that adorn the architecture and add a little flair to the space. My aim is to put inspiration into routine treks and refresh people caught up in mundane thoughts."

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