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110th Street

Manuel Vega

Sábado en la Ciento Diez (Saturday on 110th Street), 1996

Ceramic mosaic on platform walls

Artist Manuel Vega's childhood memories are revealed in the station's artwork, a series of four mosaics panels. The panels - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - capture the joyous, colorful atmosphere of la ciento diez in images that make the neighborhood come alive. Air illustrates a typical summer-in-the-city diversion: children playing under the spray of a fire hydrant (a piraguero shaves a block of ice to make tropical fruit-flavored snow cones of guava, papaya, mango, and tamarindo.) In Earth, a street vendor sells bananas, plantains, papayas, avocados, and coconuts. Shangó - a deity from the Yoruba pantheon - embodies Harlem's West African roots in Fire, dancing to the beat of three bata drummers. In Water, an elderly woman represents motherhood as she carries a bouquet of flowers and leads a child by the hand from a neighborhood botánica.

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