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Jackson Avenue

George Crespo

Latin American Stories, 2009

Faceted glass in platform windscreens and window niches

Latin American Stories at Jackson Avenue station in the Bronx turns the station into a land of fairytales from Latin American myth and folklore.

Installed in four windscreens and two sets of window niches on the north and south platforms, the faceted glass artwork is composed of six stories from different regions of Latin America. Colorful imagery on the southbound platform celebrates myths of rain, wind, and fire, including the Mayan myth "How Frogs Brought Rain to Mexico," the Andean legend of the Condor King, and the Brazilian myth of "How Fire Came to the Rain Forest."

On the northbound platform, images tell tales about love and creation, including "The King That Tried to Touch the Moon from the Lesser Antilles," the story of "The Beginning of the Sea" from the Greater Antilles, and a Latin American version of Cinderella.

Through the fluid rendering of the storylines in each panel, Latin American Stories is a picture book that reminds the diverse local community of these ancient stories and entices daily commuters to discover the universal beauty shared by every culture.

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