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Mount Eden

Amir Bey

The Procession of Folk #3,, 2006

Faceted glass in platform windscreens and mezzanine windows

Amir Bey describes The Procession of Folk #3 as a vision of humanity's collective movements. Consisting of faceted glass in windscreens and windows, Bey based the images on the faces of his acquaintances. With its study of people, Procession speaks to all riders in its celebration of individuality. The artist says, "The identity of each face is specific, never to be repeated, even over thousands of generations, like the delicate changes of any flower's colors and shapes as it adapts to the Sun's motion...The face can be a portrait or a stylized fantasy - even when I'm making a portrait of an individual. There is so much in the face, which is comprised of only a few components that can form complex expressions with endless variations, speaking a language that is universally understood."

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