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Fordham Road

Moses Ros

Patriasana, Wholesomeland, 2005

Faceted/laminated glass in mezzanine windows

Moses Ros' art is created in faceted and laminated glass within a series of windows to realize his vision. In Patriasana, Wholesomeland, figures joyfully dance across the station, their brilliant colors and undulating movements speaking to the vibrancy of the community. The figures are placed within backgrounds shaped to represent the items on sale in the surrounding shops along Fordham Road - an umbrella, a hat, a coat, boots, pants, and gloves. The border between the panels and the rectangular window edge is made of translucent glass, that lets in the colors of the street outside to serve as a muted backdrop. The original images were created as paintings on canvas and carved wood before being translated into fused and faceted glass windows. The artist says, "Their energy is inspired by the brilliant colors, music, and dance of the Caribbean - the essence of life itself."

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